Basic and customer tailored trainings

    List of  basic - commodity trainings:


    1. Presentation Skills.
    2. People management.
    3. Leading People and Leadership.
    4. Performance Management.
    5. Conflict Resolution.
    6. Strategic Workshop - practical formulation and development of strategy.
    7. Creativity - Synectics.
    8. Development of Teams.
    9. Project Management.


    We provide all the above trainings at two levels:

    1. As a basic commodity (off-the-shelf) training.
    2. As advanced - 'post-commodity and customer tailored' training. This training is individually designed, resolves problems identified by participants and updates on modern trends. 


    These trainings were delivered in many companies. In particular we mention: DePuy Synthes, Macro, Ethicon-Endo-Surgery.

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