Personality development of managers as leaders

    A. How do good managers become great leaders?

    • it's about personality development of a leader;
    • it's about their values, charisma, authenticity, empathy, respect for people, persuasiveness and quality of immediate presence in communication and personal contacts.
    • It's all about Level 5 leadership according to

    B. How to do it?

    • identifying strengths and weaknesses and development needs with Hogan questionnaires and providing feedback
    • group experiential workshop, where through strong interpersonal communications, group members have a chance to discover their potential for leadership;
    • personal coaching and mentoring.

    After mastering managerial ‘commodity competencies’ the manager is not yet a leader. At this point starts difficult and interesting work on themselves.

    Companies where the program was delivered: Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Pilsen Steel, Sipral

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