Sales team: Comprehensive training programs

    A.  ME-DI-DA Training program

    for sales representatives selling 'Medical Devices and Diagnostics'.

    How to stop the focus being on their product.
    How to become for HCP (a health care professional), a consultant and partner.
    How to stop being only a supplier.

    • we work only with real time business cases - Real Life Approach;
    • after completion, participants have a delivery approach for a modern and effective consultation and partnership approach;
    • we use AGES model based on brain research and learning, that provides internalization of new advanced competencies and permanence of learning. 

    Comprehensive preparation of sales representatives, built on the principles of Real Life and AGES Approach Model

    B.  Pharma Training Program

    For pharmaceutical sales representatives (medical representatives).

    Program applies the same methods and approaches as above. In addition it ensures transitions:

    • from a focus on product to HCP and patient focus;
    • from product and brand information to solving the logical and emotional gaps;
    • from sales techniques to building relationships and trust;
    • from the style of 'assertively persuade and thus, sell' to selling through values, commitment,  emotions and partnership dialogue

    C.  Business managers

    Preparation of sales managers for leading and coaching sales representatives:

    • managerial leadership styles in action;
    • management coaching of performance and development GAP;
    • Double Call professional training;
    • homework: skills training in practice and with feedback.

    Programs implemented in: DePuy Synthes, Sanofi-Zentiva, Cordis Biosense-Webster, Ethicon-Endo-Surgery

    Programy se v posledních létech realizovaly anebo realizují v:  DePuy Synthes, Sanofi-Zentiva, Cordis, Biosense-Webster, Ethicon-Endo-Surgery

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