From good-to-great company

    Good companies have optimally solved:

    • 'Hardware': building, technology;
    • 'Software': processes.

    Great companies also need:

    • to realise the full potential of its people.

    Shift from Good-to-Great company is accomplished by the programme ‘Great People’. This is a program which:

    • activates the whole company from top-down;
    • sets people's minds on the transition from good to great leaders;
    • uses the principle of 'Don’t walk past indifferently' or ‘Walk past actively’ which evokes the attitude of ownership of the position and the entire work environment;
    • helps people take notice of low or average quality;m good to great;

    The program covers the entire company, working with managers, first line managers and workers/operators.

    Testimonials: Mondi, Holcim, GCE


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