AGES model

    David RockResearch shows that up to 87% of new knowledge and skills from training is forgotten within 30 days.
    New research from the field of neuroscience (brain research) has developed a model of learning where the amount of retained knowledge and skills improves dramatically. AGES is just such a successful model, defined as Attention, Generation, Emotion and Spacing (distribution in space and time).




    AGES model

    The AGES model is a response to the low success rate and efficiency of conventional management training, where after one month only 13% of what is learned is retained in memory. This extremely low figure led to a search for new approaches to learning. Of note in this field is important research by David Rock and his colleagues who apply knowledge from neuroscience into corporate training. AGES is a model that gives direct instructions to new, modern - and most importantly very effective - educational work. The table below shows the reasons, elements and procedures in the AGES model. Here are the principles and practices that we use in programs some of which we have further developed.

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